Apex Learning Award of Excellence

Apex Learning Award of Excellence

2015 Apex Learning Award of Excellence

The Apex Learning Award of Excellence rewards excellence in implementing blended and virtual learning programs. Annually, up to five schools or districts across the nation who foster and demonstrate extraordinary vision and dedication to increasing student achievement will receive this special recognition.  

Recipients of the Apex Learning Award of Excellence have a unique opportunity to share their expertise in implementing blended and virtual programs with the education community. We are pleased to partner with schools and districts in acknowledging dedication and success in increasing student achievement through blended and virtual learning programs.


Call for Nominations

Selection Criteria

The Award of Excellence rewards schools and districts who have programs that demonstrate:

  • Innovative practices and strategies to achieve program goals.
  • Meaningful impact to students served by blended or virtual programs.
  • Potential to be replicated or adapted in other instructional settings.
  • Proven results in achieving program goals, such as increased student engagement, improved test scores, or increased graduation rates.

Programs will have been implemented for at least 12 months prior to submission and the school or district will continue the program beyond the current academic year.

Submission Requirements
  • Include a 300 word abstract of the program.
  • Include a 250 word description of how Apex Learning digital curriculum is being used by teachers and the impact on their quality of teaching and teaching effectiveness; and how the digital curriculum has impacted student motivation and engagement.
  • Answer the application questions addressing program context, objectives, student needs, policies and procedures, professional development, student outcomes, and future plans.
  • Optional: Include video testimonials from teachers and/or students, or a video of Apex Learning digital curriculum being used in the classroom.

Please submit your application starting November 3, 2014, using the online application form.

Application Process
  • November 3, 2014 — Nominations Open — submit your application
  • February 20, 2015 — Submission Deadline
  • April 15, 2015 — Award Selection Notification
Award Recipient Benefits

Apex Learning Award of Excellence recipients will receive:

  • A trip to a regional Apex Learning Blended Learning Conference. Each school or district will have an opportunity to send a representative to a conference to present their program results. 
  • An award to display in their school or district.
  • Spotlight of school or district success by Apex Learning marketing including a published Success Story and press release.

Apex Learning asks that school and districts honored with the Apex Learning Award of Excellent share their experience with other schools and districts that are interested in observing successful blended and virtual learning programs. Honored schools and districts may be asked to be a reference site and host site visits.


We are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with your school or district to promote your success to individuals and entities in the education community via Apex Learning marketing activities and materials. We appreciate your willingness to share your experience with others.

By submitting an application, you are affirming that you:

  • Have permission to submit the application on behalf of the school or district referenced in the application;
  • Accept an invitation to speak at an Apex Learning Blended Learning Conference;
  • Agree to let Apex Learning promote the positive results the school or district has experienced using Apex Learning digital curriculum; and
  • Are 18 years of age or older.