Role of the Teacher

 Increase Teacher Effectiveness

"Effective teachers are an invaluable component of digital learning."

Governor Bob Wise
   Alliance for Excellent Education


Teachers are a districts' most vital resource. The blended learning model allows teachers to integrate both traditional and digital content to meet the needs of all students based on their level of academic readiness and learning styles. Digital curriculum from Apex Learning allows teachers to be more effective, efficient, and do what districts specifically ask of them: help students succeed.

Teachers are successfully using Apex Learning digital curriculum for their primary curriculum and as a supplement to their traditional instruction in blended learning classrooms. Teachers using a blended learning approach are able to more effectively interact with students, giving them the individualized support they need, when they need it. 

Primary Curriculum

To make the most of what a teacher does best, Apex Learning digital curriculum provides differentiated instruction for every student. Quality instruction and assessment are primarily delivered online, students self-pace through the material, and the classroom teacher engages one-to-one with each student, using real-time data to monitor student progress and performance and determine the best way to help each student achieve. The teacher provides support as needed through activities such as small-group instruction, group projects, enrichment, and targeted intervention.


A digital curriculum can increase the impact of traditional instruction by using the content in various ways. Teachers are successfully enhancing their lessons, complementing teacher-directed activities, replacing entire units, and using Apex Learning digital curriculum in many ways to supplement classroom instruction. The combination of teacher led instruction with the online delivery of instructional content forms an integrated instructional approach resulting in increased student outcomes.