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Digital Curriculum

Why Digital Curriculum?

Meet students at their level of academic readiness to increase learning outcomes.

Rigorous Curriculum

Rigorous learning opportunities prepare students to be successful.

Student Motivation and Engagement

A digital curriculum creates a predisposition to continue to learn.

Drive Success with Actionable Data

Access the full breadth and depth of meaningful data.

Increase Teacher Effectiveness

The teacher is free to become a facilitator of learning.

Pueblo: College Readiness

Increase college readiness for all students.

Teacher Support

Digital curriculum makes differentiated instruction possible in the classroom.

Scaffolding and Support for Differentiation

Students in a digital curriculum have to be active learners.

Blended Learning Classroom

Blended learning allows student readiness for college and career.

Digital Bridges to Success

Teachers who adopt the blended model are seeing positive results.

Differentiated Instruction

Apex Learning provides access to a rigorous high school curriculum for all students.


Active Learning

Active Learning: Overview

In active learning, students benefit from engagement and interactivity.

Active Learning: Create

Students extend, enhance, and expand their learning by actively creating something.

Active Learning: Observe

By observing, students build on what's familiar to clarify the larger meaning.

Active Learning: Connect

Elaboration activities allow students to extend their learning.

Active Learning: Inquire

Inquiry uses active learning so students explore, manipulate, and form their own hypotheses.

Active Learning: Confirm

Confirm allows students to actively apply their understanding.


Scaffolds provide support when and where a student needs help.

A New Generation of Comprehensive Courses

Extends the supported, active learning experience.

Learn by Doing

Students develop critical thinking skills and deep understanding.