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Delivering Quality Curriculum to Rural Students

Moderator: Victoria Spillman, Apex Learning

Speaker: Kathy Moffitt, Program Administrator, Mat-Su iTech and Alaska Middle College

Join Kathy Moffitt, Principal at Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District, as she shares how to deliver quality curriculum to rural students.

Kathy will cover how to:

  • Effectively build a virtual program in a rural setting.
  • Build cyber centers at your rural district.
  • Keep students involved and engaged.

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Ensuring Student Success Through the NCAA Process

Moderator: Victoria Spillman, Apex Learning

Speaker: Dr. Todd Reed, Administrator on Special Assignment, Instructional Technology and Virtual Learning of Temecula Valley Unified School District (CA)

Join Dr. Todd Reed as he shares how to ensure student success through the NCAA Process. Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • Confirm NCAA course approval.
  • Provide virtual options for student athletes.
  • Ensure students are Clearinghouse-ready.

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Building and Sustaining a Successful Virtual School

Moderator: Victoria Spillman, Apex Learning

Presenter: Janet Leistner, Director of EVSC Virtual Academy at Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (IN)

Join Janet Leistner as she shares how to build and sustain a successful virtual school. Attend this webinar and learn best practices toward implementing your own virtual academy. Director Leistner will discuss how to:

  • Effectively market to your surrounding community.
  • Build a superior staff.
  • Mitigate concerns about academic integrity.
  • Ensure NCAA accreditation.

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Credit Recovery: How to Engage and Motivate Students for Success

Moderator: Victoria Spillman, Apex Learning

Presenter: Kip Pygman, RtI Coordinator, Leyden High Schools (IL)

Learn how Apex Learning digital curriculum combined with credit recovery program principles has helped guide struggling students back on the path to graduation.

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Tips for Successful Communication with Online Students

Moderator: Victoria Spillman, Apex Learning

Presenter: Dr. Christine Kasitz, Online Program Supervisor, Opportunities for Learning Public Charter Schools

During this webinar you will learn simple tips and strategies to make communication with students more successful and productive in an online learning environment.

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Introducing Middle School Tutorials

Moderator: Victoria Spillman, Apex Learning

Presenter: Jason Mitchell, Apex Learning

Apex Learning Tutorials are expanding to include middle school classrooms. Designed to be a key component of effective blended learning, Tutorials are enabling teachers to effectively prepare students for high-stakes assessments, deliver targeted remediation and intervention, and enhance classroom instruction.

With an interactive app-like design Tutorials create an innovative approach to instruction, practice, review, and assessment that engages today's tech-savvy students.

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From Grade Maintenance to Classroom Reform

Moderator: Victoria Spillman, Apex Learning

Presenter: Steve Ford, Principal Highland High School, Antelope Valley School District, CA

During this webinar, we will look at best practices for recovering credits for students that have fallen behind and strategies for preventing student failure in the first place.

Antelope Valley has moved their focus from intervening with students who have failed, to preventing their failure with just-in-time remediation. Students are given tools for unit and content recovery, so that teachers can intervene the same day that a student begins to struggle. Using real-time data, teachers are able to deliver differentiated instruction for each student. This model has had a profound positive impact on student outcomes.

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Education Week Webinar — Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day: The Flipped Classroom

Moderator: Michelle Rutherford, Director of Implementation Design, Apex Learning

Presenter: Jon Bergmann, Teacher, Author, and Flipped-class Pioneer

Implementing the flipped class using digital curriculum provides teachers with more face-to-face time with students, allows for true differentiation, compels students to take responsibility for their own learning, and enables students to master rigorous course concepts. Join flipped-class pioneer Jon Bergmann as he walks through his transformation from a 20-year lecturer to a flipped-class pioneer. Bergmann will demonstrate how blended learning can transform today's educational climate, increase student learning outcomes, and the key considerations for administrators who want to begin implementing flipped learning in their schools.

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From Stakeholder Buy-in to Student Success — How Digital Learning Moved the Needle

Presenter: Elizabeth Brown, Program Administrator, Simi Valley Unifed School District

Learn how Simi Valley Unified School District engaged its teachers' union in the decision to use digital curriculum as a method for increasing teacher effectiveness, increasing the graduation rate, and to implement successful summer school and virtual school digital curriculum programs.

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Evansville Vanderburgh Schools: Building a Virtual School

Host: Douglas Fisher, Education Consultant, Apex Learning

Presenter: Janet Leister, Director, EVSC Virtual Academy

Join Director Leister as she discusses how to build a Virtual School, differentiate in a competitive school market, and impact student outcomes.

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Boston Public Schools

Host: Carol Rickert, Director, Apex Learning Northeast Sales

Presenter: Jan Manfredi, Program Director, Boston Public Schools

Program Director Jan Manfredi discusses how Boston Public Schools increased its graduation rate using online learning, successfully accelerated implementation across the district, and consolidated and streamlined its online learning program.

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Michael Horn: How Digital Curriculum is Transforming Learning

Host: Cheryl Vedoe, Apex Learning CEO

Presenter: Michael Horn, Innosight Executive Director

Innosight Institute Executive Director Michael Horn discusses how digital curriculum is transforming learning as a disruptive innovation in education, and the impact it will have on the future.

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Ignite High School Success: The Role of Digital Learning

Presenter: Cheryl Vedoe, Apex Learning CEO

The presence and power of digital curriculum is rapidly increasing. Every day, online learning is successfully implemented in schools across the U.S. In this webinar, Cheryl Vedoe, CEO of Apex Learning, discussed the costeffective impact of digital curriculum on improving student outcomes and teacher effectiveness. 

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Advancing Student Literacy through Digital Curriculum

Presenter: Kathie Bach, Director of Curriculum

This webinar discusses the challenges facing students and educators, and highlights the ability of rigorous, standards-based digital curriculum to help students improve their reading comprehension while earning credit toward graduation.

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How to Use Digital Curriculum to Improve Student Outcomes

Presenter: Michelle Arnett, Director of Implementation Design

Students come to high school with varying levels of readiness and a wide range of needs, and digital curriculum can be integral to navigating the path to success for all students. In this webinar, learn how students and teachers can improve outcomes through the use of digital curriculum.

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What Is Important in a Quality Digital Curriculum?

Presenter: Kathie Bach, Director of Curriculum

How is curriculum defined, and what does a high quality curriculum include? This webinar discusses the answers to these and other questions.

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