where opportunity thrives

From Struggling 8th Grader to Confident High School Freshman

“I struggled in school, and the more I struggled, the less I believed I could do well. Once I began using Apex, I started understanding the lessons, passing tests. I am now ready for high school.”

Empowered. Prepared for what’s next.  

Ryan, 8th grader

Preparing Students for High School Success

“My goal is to make sure all of our students are ready for the rigors of high school. With Apex, students are gaining confidence and achieving at higher levels. They’re even asking to use it at home!”

Their success is my success.

Ms. Davis, Curriculum Director

where opportunity thrives

Opportunity Changes Everything

Supporting success for each individual student strengthens our schools and creates stronger communities, brighter futures, a more equitable world.

Create opportunities for each secondary student to succeed, from those struggling to those capable of accelerating their learning, with proven digital curriculum solutions.

Opportunity Changes Everything

Potential, Possibility, and Promise

Provide each student a path to success, especially those who have potential but just need the opportunity to show it. High-quality digital curriculum and expert services help bring your vision for student success to life. With Apex Learning as a partner, your district can increase grade-level proficiency, improve on-time graduation, raise test scores, and expand educational options.

Where others see struggle, we see potential, possibility, and promise.

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Our Proven Approach

Learning Matters

Providing students opportunities to succeed starts with powerful pedagogy rooted in teaching expertise, and curriculum development.

Commitment Matters

Districts and schools need a partner who is customer-focused and understands the critical business of education as well as classroom dynamics.

Success Matters

Proven, evidence-based results show that students earn higher test scores, graduate on time, and are ready for college and future careers.

Why Apex? Hear From Districts Like Yours

Hear from people across the country. From alternative education to test readiness to remediation programs, give your students the opportunity to succeed and put their best foot forward in whatever is next for them.

For students in the alternative learning high school, personalized learning gives them the opportunity to learn in their own way.

Dr. Jim Masters

Director of K-12 Instruction

Martina Beach-Hedges discusses the success using Apex Learning at Murrieta Mesa High School.

Martina Beach-Hedges

Principal, Murrieta Mesa High School

Kerrie Torres explains how Orange Unified School District implemented Apex's digital curriculum and their successes with the program.

Kerrie Torres

Executive Director of Secondary Education

Audrey Carter discusses how Options for Youth Public Charter Schools implemented Apex curriculum as an alternative education option.

Audrey Carter

Assistant Principal

Parent Dan LaFountain talks about his son who was able to take Apex Learning Courses and graduate from Fairfax County Schools despite being homebound.

Dan LaFountain


Mark Cantu discusses how Apex Learning engages students and helps close learning gaps. Both students and teachers feel supported and more successful.

Mark Cantu

Chief of Staff & School Improvement

Dr. John White discusses how the ease of use of Apex Learning helps educators focus on teaching and how the structure helps students meet high expectations.

Dr. John White

Principal, Lumberton High School

Superintendent Luther Taliaferro discusses how Apex Learning digital curriculum plays a key role in helping students graduate and be prepared for the future.

Luther Taliaferro


Assistant Superintendent Sue Peterson discusses how Apex Learning supports students with individualized instruction, resulting in a jump in EOC scores.

Sue Peterson

Assistant Superintendent

"They're with you on the journey". Superintendent Joe Lopez discusses how the partnership his district has with Apex Learning helps them support their students.

Joe Lopez


Brownsville ISD, which serves primarily an at-risk student population, uses Apex Learning to increase student achievement in middle school and boost TSI scores.

Dr. Dora Sauceda

Assistant Superintendent

Administrators from districts in Texas discuss how Apex Learning prepares students for EOCs and high-stakes exams, with rigor and fidelity to standards.


Texas School Districts

Kristin Escamilla explains how Houston ISD uses specialized campuses with Apex Learning curriculum and how the program helps students feel empowered, ultimately...

Kristin Escamilla

Virtual School Liaison

Ryan Imbriale, of Baltimore County Public Schools, discusses how Apex Learning meets students in their specific learning progression and results in more focused...

Ryan Imbriale

Executive Director, Department of Innovative Learning

Let’s Create Opportunities for Students to Succeed

For stronger communities, brighter futures, and a more equitable world.