Actionable Data

With Apex Learning, students learn more, and the evidence shows it. In this video, find out more about our third-party efficacy studies and how we make more lea...

Research Put Into Practice: Summative Assessment and Digital Data Systems

Summative assessment plays an important role in measuring outcomes and accounting for progress.

Research Put into Practice: Apex Learning Curriculum and Pedagogy examines what it means for a student to learn and presents research pointing to the elements of curriculum design that are necessary for supporting learning in middle and high schools.

Leverage Data Tools to Prepare Students for College and Careers

Districts and schools across the country have made it a core focus to equip students with the 21st century skills they’ll need to achieve success after high school. But every student is different, mastering content in different ways and at different paces. To ensure that every student learns what they need to be successful and graduates prepared for the future, classroom teachers must personalize instruction to meet the needs of all students.

Access the full breadth and depth of meaningful data.