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Apex Learning Office Coordinator Brings Energy and Warmth to the Office, Supporting Employees in their Quest to Empower Students to Achieve Academic Success

November 21, 2019
Don Bodmer

Anyone who has stepped into the Apex Learning office throughout the past year knows the face of Don Bodmer. His warmth and helpful nature permeate the front office and are a welcome sight for guests and employees alike.

Don’s unique skillset for the position of office coordinator comes from a varied backgound in wholesale manufacturing, retail, credit collections and facilities, but much of what he’s done in the past has carried over to support his role at Apex Learning and his passion for education.

“I’ve spent my time in so many different careers and I’ve done so many different things, but I actually am equally passionate about students having access to opportunities in education,” said Don. “And I love working behind the scenes to support our team in helping students increase academic outcomes. I want everyone to be able to arrive in the morning, do their job, focus on how they can best support educators and students and not have to worry about anything else, and I can make it all very seamless. That is my forte.”

When the position of office coordinator came up at Apex Learning, Don jumped at it, as he saw much of his previous experience mirrored in the role, particularly handling an office remodel. The Apex Learning remodel kicked off right after Don was hired, and he managed the schedule for the renovation of the office and worked together with the contractor to inform employees if and when their work spaces would be disturbed and what was to be expected of the construction schedule on a weekly basis.

“I wake up every day and I look forward to coming to work,” he said. “I absolutely love the people at this company. I really believe they are the best people. Everyone here is so friendly and so passionate about providing the best opportunities for students. It really shows in our office culture.” 

Don has also found that many people will use him as a resource and ask for help. He helps many different teams coordinate meetings and events, organizes the food and the flow of the event and is on-site during events to provide any extra assistance that may be needed.

“I like to be available so that whoever is hosting an event doesn’t have to worry about any of the details, and they can focus on their meeting,” he said.

When Don is not at work, he can be found enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather in Phoenix or Palm Springs. He comes from a large family of five siblings and enjoys spending time with his five siblings. But most importantly, Don is an extremely passionate Seahawks fan. On “Blue Friday,” he can be found in Seahawks gear, and on the season opener, when the Seahawks go to the playoffs or “when” they win the Superbowl, don’t be surprised to see Don with a beard that’s dyed blue and green.