Advanced Placement®

AP Courses Improve College Readiness

Over one million students in the class of 2019 took AP exams, an increase of 57% over the past 10 years, according to the The College Board. Apex Learning has enabled districts nationwide to offer AP courses to all their students.

Whether your goal is to offer more AP courses, provide an authorized AP curriculum to classroom teachers, or ensure students are well-prepared for their AP exams, Apex Learning® offers options for both virtual and blended learning programs with online courses authorized by the College Board AP Course Audit.

Create and Expand Access with Virtual Learning

Apex Learning helps high schools across the country implement virtual AP programs. The flexibility of Apex Learning digital curriculum allows schools to address a range of needs that include:

  • Creating a virtual program using your own teachers and Apex Learning digital curriculum
  • Offering an AP program with instruction provided by certified Apex Learning Virtual School teachers

Increase Outcomes on AP Exams

Students enrolled in Apex Learning AP courses outpace their peers nationwide. During the 2016-2017 school year, 65% of Apex Learning Virtual School AP students scored a 3 or better on their AP exams, outpacing the national average by 5 percentage points.

Online AP Courses Bridge Equity Gap

According to Equal Opportunity Schools, a nonprofit education consortium: 

  • Approximately 750,000 incoming juniors and seniors are ready to enroll in rigorous academic programs each year, but low-income students and students of color are not being engaged at the same rate as their peers. 
  • Low-income students and students of color who enroll in rigorous classes are more likely to graduate and attend college.

Advanced Placement Courses

Calculus AB
English Language and Composition
English Literature and Composition
Environmental Science
Spanish Language
U.S. Government and Politics
U.S. History


"Apex Learning has been instrumental in our mission to give all Iowa students access to high-quality, Advanced Placement coursework.

Because of our work with Apex Learning we have been able to reach thousands of students in ways that will impact the course of their academic path in high school and beyond."

Kate Degner, Ph.D.Administrator for STEM Initiatives, Belin-Blank Center
Iowa Online AP Academy, IA