Infographic: 28 Skills of a Really Ready Student

November 16, 2016

College and career readiness has become a primary component of the national education agenda. Across the country, schools and districts define their success, in part, by equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in higher education, on the job and in life.

But what does a college and career ready student look like? It’s often what you can’t immediately see that shows a student is prepared for future learning and ready to meet 21st century workforce demands. We have identified 28 skills that define who a Really Ready student is. Download and review the infographic to learn what these skills are and how to recognize when a student possesses them.

Apex Learning’s digital curriculum can help you help students build the skills they need for the future. Learn how we can make an impact in your school or district.

This infographic is part of our Really Ready series in partnership with Getting Smart. For more information, visit the Really Ready Students page.

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