Achieving WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge Certification

February 16, 2018

Apex Learning, has committed to an ongoing partnership with the WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge Framework (DOK) Partner Certification from the Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services. The WebbAlign DOK Partner Program has become the industry standard for education content providers focused on offering standards-aligned learning materials to educators. DOK certification validates the process for ensuring rigor and alignment of Apex Learning curriculum.

The process, guided by Dr. Norman Webb and his team to implement the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) framework, verifies the alignment of Apex Learning’s content to learning standards. By effectively applying DOK, Apex Learning is able to confirm that assessment questions and learning tasks are engaging students at the intended level of DOK.

WebbAlign Alignment Studies

Alignment is a property of the relationship between an assessment and a set of standards and alignment study results contribute to the validation of a program. The Webb team has conducted alignment studies in more than 25 states and their approach evaluates alignment according to four criteria that were developed with input from the National Institute for Science Education (NISE), the Council of Chief School Officers (CCSSO) and state curriculum supervisors. The four criteria include: 

  1. Categorical Concurrence
  2. Depth-of-knowledge Consistency
  3. Range-of-knowledge Correspondence
  4. Balance of Representation


How is Alignment Evaluated? 

A trained team of reviewers conducts an alignment analysis. The reviewers are content area experts and have extensive training and experience with the DOK framework as well as the WebbAlign process. The WebbAlign certification validates our commitment to achieving alignment between standards, instructional content and assessments. This certification is further recognition of our approach to creating high quality digital curriculum, giving educators confidence that when they choose Apex Learning they are making a sound choice.

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