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Blended Learning Essentials

March 31, 2014
Blended Learning Essentials

Many teachers seeking to increase student engagement and improve student outcomes explore blended learning as a solution.  If you search online for blended learning, you will likely find an abundance of information - from definitions, to classroom models, to classroom resources. Sorting through all of it for answers is daunting, even the most experienced teachers.  So, we will provide the information you need through a short series of blogs focused on the essentials required to take the first steps in creating a blended learning program, or to enhance your current program.

Together we will explore using blended learning to break down learning barriers, enabling you reach more students. We will take a look at implementing blended learning to enhance your everyday lessons by offering students instruction, practice, remediation, and enrichment personalized to their needs. Lastly, we will explore different blended learning models (Rotation, A La Carte, Flex, and Enriched Virtual), and explore new strategies for engaging your students.

Let's start with the basics, what is blended learning?  

Blended learning — also referred to as blended education or hybrid learning — combines the strength of face-to-face classroom instruction and technology-enhanced learning.  According to the Clayton Christenson Institute, blended learning uses online technology not only to supplement, but to transform and improve the learning process.  Technology, "infused with teachers" instructional approaches, provides critical information on student achievement and progress.  Powered with real-time data, teachers can offer dynamic instruction personalized to each student's specific needs.
In the upcoming blended learning blogs, we will:

  • Explore blended learning models

  • Look at new ways to engage your students

  • Offer insights into leveraging real-time data to enhance your classroom instruction

If you have questions about blended learning that you would like us to address, or if you would like to share your experience in blending your instruction, please leave us a comment.  Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @Apex_Learning for the latest posts.

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