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Celebrating Teachers

May 05, 2014

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!  Let's take a minute to celebrate our teachers, and the role they play in our students' lives. 

Teachers set the tone and create the mood for every student's school experience from the first day of school to their last day.   

Much of students' successes depend on:

-  Interest in the subject - which a passionate teacher ignites.
-  Confidence in ability- which an invested teacher can help build.
-  Understanding of the requirements - which an effective teacher will explain.
-  A connection with an adult - which the inspirational teacher will produce.

Teachers are at the heart of every learning experience—in a classroom, one-on-one, or from a virtual environment far away. They strive every day to make students' experiences worthwhile and look for ways to inspire their students in the midst of mandates and objectives and expectations. Exciting students with new views on old literature, twisting math problems into Game Show Mania, presenting history from a culinary perspective are just some of the ways creative teachers are educating students today. Walk into any school building and you'll see student work displayed.  You'll see computers, activity, and most importantly—learning!

At Apex Learning, we want to say thank you to all teachers for their passion, investment, and inspiration. 

Kim Deskin is the Manager of Instruction for Apex Learning Virtual School.

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