Infographic: Does Your Credit Recovery Program Make the Grade?

January 18, 2017

Students in need of credit recovery are often our most vulnerable students — those in need of the greatest support and personalized instruction. It’s critical that digital curriculum used in credit recovery programs be rigorous, engaging and capable of providing a personalized learning experience for every student. Curriculum deficient in any of these areas could mean the difference between students dropping out and earning a high school diploma.

We’ve identified five elements essential for a credit recovery program to be effective. Download and take the credit recovery quiz to determine if your program is making the grade or if there are areas that have room for improvement.

Apex Learning Comprehensive Courses provide students who have not been successful in their studies the opportunity to get back on track to graduation. Passing a class and getting a credit is great. But students need to really earn their credits to take their learning further and be ready for the next thing—the next course, the next test, the next stage in their education, work, or life.

Learn how you can ensure your credit recovery program is meeting the needs of all learners.



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