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Establishing New Paths to Graduation with 1:1 Initiative

August 25, 2014
Establishing New Paths to Graduation with 1:1 Initiative
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Metropolitan SD of Warren Township educators

Metropolitan School District of Warren Township is a Race to the Top grant recipient in suburban Indianapolis, Indiana. Understanding the need to provide their students and teachers with the tools and resources needed to personalize learning and create new learning opportunities, the district established a 1:1 Chromebook initiative. With hardware in place, district administration began seeking digital resources that would enable them to meet the diverse needs of their students in a rigorous and engaging environment.  

We wanted to find a digital curriculum that allows our teachers to do more than they could without technology. Our goal is to implement a curriculum that provides students with new methods of exploring, testing, and applying their knowledge in a format that excites and motivates them.

- John Keller, Director of eLearning

After a comprehensive administrative review, the district selected Comprehensive Courses to provide new opportunities for original credit and credit recovery, and Tutorials for targeted instruction. With the technology and a standards-based curriculum in place, the district is redefining how and when learning takes place. But students aren't the only ones positively affected — teachers now have access to real-time data, enabling a better understanding of student progress and allowing teachers to effectively personalize instruction.

You can read more about the successes achieved in Metropolitan School District of Warren Township in the summer edition of Apex Learning Insider.


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