Infographic: College Readiness and the ACT

November 23, 2016

Studies show alarming statistics surrounding college readiness and student performance on the ACT. For example, a majority of students aren’t prepared for freshman year despite having high GPAs. Also, fewer than half of students who took the ACT in 2016 achieved college-ready scores in at least three subjects.  

Download and review our infographic for an overview on college readiness and its ties to the ACT. In it, you’ll learn revealing information about the lack of college readiness in America and the consequences it could have, as well ACT exam attendance, performance and use in schools throughout the United States. 

The infographic also details the importance of effective ACT prep, the hallmarks of which include targeted, individualized learning; content-focused instruction; and student-centered, active learning. You can find all of this — and more — in Apex Learning’s digital curriculum and ACT Readiness tutorials. Explore our website for more information about how Apex Learning can help your students achieve their personal best on high-stakes assessments and prepare them for what comes after they take exams. 

This infographic is part of our “Really Ready” series in partnership with Getting Smart. For more information, visit the Really Ready Students page


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