Infographic: The State of College Readiness in Texas

January 25, 2017

The Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI Assessment) ensures students are ready to take on college-level coursework before they enroll in any college courses. After the initial implementation of TSI Assessment the percentage of college-ready students jumped from 44 percent in 2008 to 54 percent in 2014 [1] however, progress has slowed. In 2015 only 31.8 percent of graduating students in Texas met the SAT college and career readiness benchmark while nationally 41.9 percent of students met the benchmark [2].

TSI Assessment requirements are set to change in 2017, raising the minimum scores students must achieve in order to be considered college and career ready. It’s essential that instruction go beyond test prep to help students truly master and comprehend the concepts being tested. Effective digital curriculum, such as that found in Apex Learning Courses and Tutorials, provides rigor aligned to standards and helps educators deliver personalized instruction based on assessment.

Download the infographic on College Readiness in Texas to get more information about the TSI Assessment and how to prepare students for the test as well as for college-level work.


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