Infographic: Defining What It Means to Be Really Ready

December 01, 2016

The 21st century is redefining what it means for students to be college and career ready. In the future, most jobs will require a college degree; today’s students will likely juggle multiple jobs; soft skills will be increasingly important. 

This infographic reveals the troubling truths behind graduation rates and college and career readiness in U.S. schools — particularly among vulnerable student populations. But on a brighter note, it also describes how digital curriculum, like Apex Learning, can help more students find success in school and beyond by developing essential knowledge and skills. 

Download and review the infographic to learn more about what it really means for today’s students to be college and career ready, and how digital curriculum provides learning experiences that better prepare more students for higher education, work and life. 

This infographic is part of our “Really Ready” series in partnership with Getting Smart. For more information, visit the Really Ready Students page


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