Infographic: Engagement in a Digital Learning Environment

It’s no secret that engaged and motivated students are more likely to achieve academic success. Effective digital curriculum is designed from the start to engage and motivate all students by providing real-time embedded support and feedback. Engagement strategies must be built in to every lesson and course without fail. Digital curriculum empowers educators to personalize learning for the diverse needs of all students, providing an active learning experience that creates genuine interest in topics and builds content mastery.

The Engagement in a Digital Learning Environment infographic provides an overview of five engagement strategies that lead to student success — observe, inquire, create, connect, and confirm. Learn how districts from Maryland to Texas have used digital curriculum to increase academic achievement through engaging and motivating coursework. Download the infographic to get the full picture.

From struggling students to those capable of accelerating their learning, Apex Learning’s digital curriculum is designed to actively engage students and motivate them to master rigorous content. Educators rely on Apex Learning to help them improve exam scores, increase on-time graduation, lower dropout rates, and better prepare students for college, work and life.