Infographic: Learning from A-V

November 22, 2016

Digital curriculum has applications as diverse as today’s students. No matter how close they are to achieving learning goals — or how they prefer to reach those goals — digital curriculum can be applied in a number of scenarios to help educators meet the increasingly unique needs of students. 

Digital curriculum also is a terrific resource for educators, helping teachers provide more individualized support while preparing students for college and their careers. Utilizing digital curriculum, teachers can integrate blended learning and differentiated instruction into their classrooms, making it easier and more efficient to assess progress, employ RTI and work more effectively with ELL students. 

Download our infographic to review the many ways in which digital curriculum can support learning across the curriculum, whether it’s used full time or as a supplemental resource, or by a whole class or individual students. 

Apex Learning’s flexible and engaging digital curriculum brings many benefits to schools and districts. It not only helps students complete required courses, but also helps improve exam scores, increase on-time graduation, lower dropout rates, and better prepare students for the future.  

This infographic is part of our “Really Ready” series in partnership with Getting Smart. For more information, visit the Really Ready Students page

Learning from A-V

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