Innovative Instruction to Meet the Needs of All Students

April 11, 2018

This is the third blog in a series where we will be exploring the topic of innovation and its impact on digital curriculum. 

As we mentioned in our first innovation blog, we don’t believe innovation is a “novelty” or simply one new product or idea. To us, innovation is a 20-year commitment to supporting the changing environment in education and creating solutions that remain responsive and reflective to those evolving needs. We believe it takes more than just flashy technology to support innovation. It’s using technology to deliver rigorous, standards-based curriculum in ways that engage students in learning and provide support and acceleration opportunities so that all students, from struggle to advanced, can maximize their learning.

We believe digital curriculum can not only support at-risk students but also better meet the needs of all students in achieving success by:

Personalizing the Learning Experience

When learning is personalized, teachers are able to better meet the diverse needs of an entire class. Not every student is prepared to learn the same thing on the same day in the same way. Some students lack foundational skills or require more time to master content, while other students are capable of accelerating. Digital curriculum makes it feasible for teachers to personalize learning at scale.

Supporting All Students

Through a balance of scaffolded direct instruction, meaningful practice, and formative assessment, digital curriculum can support all students in mastering required skills and concepts and developing critical thinking skills. With access to opt-in supports at the exact time they are needed, digital curriculum meets each student where he or she is.

Actively Engaging Students

Instead of passively watching, listening, and reading, with an effective digital curriculum, students are engaged in active learning with greater motivation to complete their coursework. Students have the opportunity to observe, inquire, create, connect and confirm to deepen their understanding.

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