Insights into the future of edtech: A chat with Kevin Hogan

November 06, 2020 Sarah Williamson By Sarah Williamson
Future of Education

In our latest episode of Opportunity Thrives, Apex Learning Chief Academic Officer Jean Sharp has the pleasure of speaking with Kevin Hogan, the host of a new Marketscale podcast.

On his show, Remove Possibilities, Kevin dives into the technology that is revolutionizing the education industry with educators, startups, and thought leaders providing compelling insights into the future of education technology.

If there’s anything Kevin believes, it’s that right now is a time for optimism and focusing on how we can embrace this moment and turn it into something positive.    

Kevin knows this new way of learning has prompted us to think differently and to pursue meaningful change in a way that would not have ever truly been possible before.

Throughout this episode, he shares his perspective on the future of education and what’s important for educational leaders to consider right now. He shares the common themes and strategies he has heard across the education spectrum and how education leaders are addressing these unparalleled challenges in education. 

Kevin has heard stories about districts having the best school board meetings they have ever had now that they are meeting in a virtual setting. He also touches on the expanded ability for counselors to meet virtually with even more students throughout their day.

And he also sees a continued shift away from standardized tests and teaching to the test. We have an opportunity to consider other, more accurate and relevant ways to gauge student performance. This could be in the form of personalized assessments and opportunities for student to share their skills and strengths in much more unique ways.

Throughout this experience, technology has enabled opportunities for all of us that we would never have had before. He believes communication and empathy have been a top priority among both the districts and company leaders with whom he’s spoken over the past eight months.

He also shares how the pandemic has illuminated glaring inequities, but also how districts and leaders are coming together to address these inequities to support our most vulnerable students. He suggests leveraging the best practices that you’ve found this year that have made students, educators and families more effective, and keep them going even when the pandemic wains.

He wants us to look for any opportunity we can to keep students inspired, to enjoy learning and remove as much of the stress and anxiety that we can.

This is a great episode to think about the possibilities for the future and a good reminder to stay focused on the positive - now more than ever. Check out the full episode:


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