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New Podcast Episode Explores Cheating: Managing an age-old problem with 21st century tools

November 14, 2019
Students Cheating

In our new podcast, Opportunity Thrives, we explore how to support today’s struggling students. Through interviews with students, teachers, administrators, technologists and education influencers, we want to understand how to implement positive, lasting change to help all students succeed.

In our second episode, Cheating Isn’t New: Managing an age-old problem with 21st century tools, we discuss a topic that certainly isn’t new, but has evolved with the digital age. In this episode we look to understand how to maintain digital integrity when implementing an online curriculum program for today’s middle and high school students.

For as long as students have sat in a desk, they have found creative ways to cheat in order to pass a test. Oftentimes students may cheat simply because they are not prepared or confident enough in their own ability to know the answers. All of the same student motivations still apply in a digital setting, but the strategies are slightly different. Two guests on this episode, Kecia Ray and John Watson, participated in a discussion on how districts can implement safeguards and best practices to reduce the incidences of cheating and discuss where many might fall short when it comes to digital integrity.

John Watson is the Evergreen Education Group founder and primary researcher. He has two decades of experience in online learning and education technology conducting, writing, and presenting research as well as providing testimony on digital learning matters to state boards of education, legislatures, and charter school commissions. 

Dr. Kecia Ray has devoted her career to education technology and is the former executive director for the Center for Digital Education, Ray has worked as an administrator for the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools and for the Tennessee Commissioner of Education. She was also named one of the top 10 EdTech Leaders by Tech and Learning magazine and a top 100 EdTech Influencer by EdTech Digest. She now leads K20 Connect, a network of education and technology leaders focused on building effective practices in K20 education.

Our podcast series plans to cover a variety of upcoming topics, including how to best support teachers when it comes to digital curriculum adoption in the classroom, getting more females interested in technology and how small districts can leverage digital curriculum to advocate for equality, particularly in rural areas. Watch for new episodes every month!

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