Opportunity Changes Everything: New podcast explores how to support struggling students

October 18, 2019
Opportunity Thrives

We know that addressing the needs of struggling students strengthens our schools, creates stronger communities, brighter futures and a more equitable world. The average student who starts below grade level has a one in four chance of catching up. That means a tremendous number of students are struggling in every school district nationwide. If these students face barriers to achieving success, it can impact on-time graduation rates, passing and proficiency rates for high-stakes exams and the number of students who are falling below grade level.

This was certainly the impetus for us to launch our new podcast: Opportunity Thrives. We want to understand what’s working in our schools today, what’s not and how we can impact positive, lasting change. In each episode, we will explore this topic from many different angles, interviewing students, teachers, administrators, technologists and education influencers, to help us fully grasp where our education system is falling short and how things can be improved.   

In first episode of Opportunity Thrives, Kim Loomis, the former Director of Digital Learning at Nevada’s Clark County School District, the 5th largest district in the nation, shares her strategies for how, when and where to support struggling students and make the biggest impact using digital curriculum.

Today, Kim is the CEO of i3DigitalPD, helping educators across the nation to grow high quality digital learning programs. She recently authored, Think Outside the Box, a book that highlights hundreds of schools and thousands of classroom teachers in Nevada’s Clark County School District and their unique approaches to implementing digital curriculum to support struggling learners. Check out the first episode and don’t forgot to subscribe: https://opportunitythrives.com.

In upcoming episodes, we will discuss digital integrity, getting more females interested in technology and how small districts can leverage digital curriculum to advocate for equality, particularly in rural areas. Watch for new episodes every month.

We would love to hear your input on topic ideas, suggestions for interview and any other ideas that might be relevant to you. We look forward to taking this journey together with you. Please reach out to us with your thoughts at info@opportunitythrives.com.

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