Stronger Together

June 15, 2020

Apex Learning is committed to building stronger communities, brighter futures, and a more equitable world by providing opportunities for every student to thrive. The past few weeks have been a sobering reminder that many of the students we serve, and their communities, face serious inequities. This is wrong and we recognize we must do our part to take action to address it.

How? By listening and learning from as many voices as we can. By elevating equity conversations internally and on national platforms. By ensuring all students recognize themselves in our curriculum. And by taking action to provide underprivileged graduating seniors with annual scholarships. This is just a start, and there is more to come.

We believe that education has the power to lift and empower all students. We believe that together we can impact lasting change and promote a stronger, more inclusive community.  At Apex Learning we are committed to work with educators everywhere to support students and eradicate racism in any form.

Chris Porter, CEO, Apex Learning,
and the Apex Learning team

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