Teaching in the Time of a Pandemic

May 13, 2020 Sarah Williamson By Sarah Williamson
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In our eighth episode of Opportunity Thrives, a podcast committed to better supporting the needs of today’s students, we discuss tools, tips, and best practices to help support teachers who are new to online learning.

Through interviews with students, teachers, administrators, technologists and education influencers, we want to understand what’s working in our schools today, what’s not and how we can impact positive, lasting change.

As online learning has been thrust into the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that many districts and educators have questions about how to navigate this transition.

Kari Feldhaus, who has been an online instructor for more than 15 years, shares the nuts and bolts of an online learning program, including specific steps for creating assignments, orienting parents and students, monitoring student progress, and providing students with additional support as they adjust to this transition.

As a seasoned online instructor Kari shares the major hurdles facing teachers today as they transition to becoming online learning instructors. She also shares advice for first-time online instructors and some of the tools and resources she uses on a daily basis. 

She also provides tips for sustaining student motivation. Online learning is a very different form of instruction than in the traditional classroom, and it’s clearly important to humanize the communication styles that are used. Kari shares how she keeps students engaged while learning remotely.

Previously, Kari was an elementary high school teacher in South Dakota, where she was active in the Spanish club, guided student travel in the summer, led curriculum development, and was the World Languages Department Chair.

To listen to this podcast or any of our other episodes, visit: www.opportunitythrives.com.


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