Apex Learning Technology Courses Selected as Finalist in the IMS Global Learning Impact Awards

March 14, 2019
Technology Courses

Technology Courses Prep Students for the Future at Wautoma High School

Apex Learning recently released a new digital curriculum offering: project-based technology courses that range from coding and design to gaming and animation. The course serves as a prerequisite for Wautoma High School students in Wautoma, Wisconsin, to get a feel for potential careers and is directly related to what many of the students plan to pursue in college. The technology courses, and their use at Wautoma High School, were selected as a finalist in the New Product category of the IMS Global Learning Impact Awards, recognizing outstanding, innovative applications of educational technology to address the most significant challenges facing education.

Fewer than half of the nation’s K-12 public school districts offer technology courses. It can be difficult to find educators with the appropriate skillset for teaching technology courses and it can be a challenge to find effective curriculum to support student learning. Yet technology has become ubiquitous in the lives of today’s students. It is as essential as reading, writing and arithmetic to prepare students for the future. Technology skills build more than programming and coding; they build critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

The new technology courses empower students to go beyond being tech users to become creators. Students use industry-standard tools to complete projects such as developing an iOS or Android app, creating a 3D video game, or designing a fashion collection. The technology courses include support from online experts to ensure students can successfully complete their coursework and projects. This course provides schools like Wautoma High School the opportunity to offer technology courses to students even if they don’t have teachers with expertise in the industry-standard tools.

Using the same tools as professionals (e.g. Java for coding, Unity® for game development, Blender® for 3D design), students gain real-world experience that can lead them on a future technology career path. We recognize that many teachers may not have experience with the professional tools used in these technology courses, so students have access to support from experts online to ensure they can successfully complete their projects and coursework.


Check out our new courses here to learn about how your district can enhance the learning opportunities for your students.


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