Infographic: What Does That Graduation Rate Really Mean?

December 14, 2016

A diploma alone doesn’t mean students are prepared for college, work and life after high school. Performance on high-stakes assessments, like the SAT and ACT, also are an indicator of college and career readiness.

But test scores are trending down. In 2015, high school graduates had the lowest scores on the SAT in 10 years. The percentage of students who reached the college-ready benchmark on both exams was less than half — dipping as low as 20.8 percent on the ACT. 

There is a way to not only improve students’ test scores, but also increase graduation rates in your school or district. The solution is digital curriculum that provides both rigor and personalized learning to meet the needs of all students. Download and review the infographic to see how  graduation rates across the country compare and learn more about the SAT and ACT benchmarks for college readiness. Get important criteria for choosing highly effective digital curriculum that deepens learning and improves educational outcomes. Choose the right curriculum, and a diploma really can indicate college and career readiness for your students. 

This infographic is part of our “Really Ready” series in partnership with Getting Smart. For more information, visit the Really Ready Students page. 


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