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Opportunity thrives when we work together to share what really works in helping students succeed. Whether you are interested in implementing a brand-new digital curriculum solution or seeking ways to enhance an existing program, the Apex Learning blog is full of helpful information.

June 25, 2019

This is the second blog in a series where we will explore excellence in online curriculum for secondary education and what to consider when…

August 04, 2017

Summative assessment plays an important role in measuring outcomes and accounting for progress. Research Put into Practice: Apex Learning…

August 03, 2017

Students are more engaged and try harder when instruction and tasks are meaningful to them. Motivation to learn can come from personally relevant…

August 02, 2017

Research Put into Practice: Apex Learning Curriculum and Pedagogy examines what it means for a student to learn and presents research pointing to…

August 01, 2017

Students learn more when information is presented in different ways -- direct instruction, text, audio, video, and interactive simulations are…

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