August 15
How to Support Your Struggling Students this School Year
Fall is just around the corner. That means students are beginning to funnel back into the classroom and teachers and administrators are once again spending their time assessing student learning needs and how to best support those who are struggling.



If you ask Charlotte Luongo what she does for a living, she might tell you that she is creating young scientists. As the Science Curriculum Manager for the Apex Learning Content Development team, Charlotte wants to rekindle the curiosity and interest students had for exploring the world when…


When students are below or at risk of falling below grade level in one or more subjects, it’s an immense challenge for teachers to meet their needs while continuing to meet the needs of the rest of the students in their class. If struggling students don’t get the support they need, they often…


This is the time of year when we celebrate our students and watch them walk across the stage and into the next phase of their lives. Graduating from high school is a milestone that provides an entry into college, career and the next step in life, but unfortunately, there are far too many…


Every year the ComputeED Best Educational Software Awards (BESSIES) honors education providers who develop innovative and content-rich curriculum to provide schools and districts with technology to foster educational excellence. The judges evaluate curriculum based on academic content, technical…


End-of-Course (EOC) exams are top of mind for many educators at this time of year. It is no secret that high-stakes testing can create a lot of stress. Students who are well-prepared are more likely to feel confident going into exams and perform better. As results come in, celebrate the…

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