August 15
How to Support Your Struggling Students this School Year
Fall is just around the corner. That means students are beginning to funnel back into the classroom and teachers and administrators are once again spending their time assessing student learning needs and how to best support those who are struggling.



The population of students nationwide who are performing below grade level is staggering. Nationally, 65 percent of eighth graders score below proficient in reading and 67 percent score below proficient in math. Students who are not working at grade level in eighth grade ELA or math have a 25…


Fewer than half of the nation’s K-12 public school districts offer technology courses. It can be difficult to find educators with the appropriate skillset for teaching technology courses, and it can be a challenge to find effective curriculum to support student learning. Yet technology has…


The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that went into effect last year has provided unprecedented opportunities in what accountability means and how it is measured in today’s schools. These changes have required new thinking from leaders at the school, district and state level and is creating new…


Middle school success is a key predictor of success in high school. The middle school years lay the foundation for success in high school, yet many students leave middle school underprepared for the rigors of high school work. This lack of readiness has a major impact on student success. The…


Today’s districts are grappling with how to meet the needs of struggling students. The average student who starts below grade level has a one in four chance of catching up. This means a tremendous number of students are struggling in every school district nationwide. If struggling students face…

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