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Opportunity thrives when we work together to share what really works in helping students succeed. Whether you are interested in implementing a brand-new digital curriculum solution or seeking ways to enhance an existing program, the Apex Learning blog is full of helpful information.

November 01, 2019

Charlie is a great basketball player. And he is a middle of the road student. He passed all of his classes, but failed two of his end-of-course (…

October 23, 2019

Maria is a struggling reader. Like 66 percent of the ninth graders across our nation, she is reading significantly below grade level proficiency.…

October 18, 2019

We know that addressing the needs of struggling students strengthens our schools, creates stronger communities, brighter futures and a more…

October 10, 2019

We frequently hear educators speak about the benefits of individualizing instruction and creating student-centered educational models. Whether the…

October 04, 2019

The population of students nationwide who are performing below grade level is staggering. Nationally, 65 percent of eighth graders score below…

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