Personalized Learning Luncheon - Columbus

Personalized Learning Series





Join us on Thursday, March 1, 2018  | 11:00 a.m. - 1:30 P.M.

Columbus, OH

Location: Educational Service Center of Central Ohio, 2080 Citygate Dr, Columbus, OH 43219


Moderator: Jason Mitchell, National Director of Strategic Initiatives, Apex Learning

Panel Presenters:

  • Ryan Tait, District Technology Director, Dayton Public Schools
  • Brittany Spitnale, Academic Coach, Dayton Public Schools


  • Mark Weigel, Senior Advisor and Staff, Aves Academy, Sycamore Community Schools

  • Molly Dixon, Director, Aves Academy, Sycamore High School
  • Tia Holliman, Director of Curriculum, Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools


Join panel presenters from Dayton Public Schools, Sycamore Community Schools, and Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools as well as other local district leaders for lunch. The panelists will share the student needs that they focus on in their districts and what specific tools they are using to motivate, engage, and prepare students for success on end-of-course exams and the Ohio AIR test. Hear tips and best practices for leveraging digital curriculum to improve opportunities and outcomes for all students. Participate in the discussion about how to optimize the promise of personalized learning to increase graduation rates, reduce credit recovery, and ensure all students are Really Ready for their future.


Key topics include:

  • Planning to Increase Exam Scores
  • Building a Path to Graduation for All Students
  • Moving Beyond Credit Recovery
  • Planning to Reduce the Number of Students Who Drop Out
  • Ensuring Students Are Really Ready for Their Future






The Personalized Learning Luncheons are your opportunity to learn from the firsthand experiences of your colleagues, so you can successfully implement personalized learning and increase student achievement in your own district.