CUE Spring Conference 2021

March 18, 2021

We are delighted to support the following sessions at the CUE SPRING CONFERENCE:


Blended Learning: Where Classroom Practice Meets Distance Learning

Saturday, March 20 at 12 p.m. Pacific

Presented by Dr. Stepan Mekhitarian, Coordinator of Assessment & Accountability at Glendale Unified School District

Distance learning, despite its myriad challenges, has created an opportunity to fundamentally rethink how the traditional classroom works. A great example of this is a blended learning framework constructed by Dr. Stepan Mekhitarian which capitalizes on the capacity and skills teachers have built while teaching remotely. Create a powerful learning experience for students by combining instructional technology and the best of traditional classroom practice.



Innovative Summer and Learning Recovery Ideas

Thursday, March 25 at 4 p.m. Pacific

Presented by Stacey Adamiak and Jason Mitchell of Apex Learning

While much remains uncertain, the future is bright, and many districts hope to be able to safely reopen schools in person this fall. This means that now, more than ever, summer school will be an integral time for addressing student learning gaps and getting students back up to speed to start a new year fresh. Come spend a few minutes innovating to support teachers and students with Learning Recovery and acceleration. We’ll share ideas gathered from our customers across CA and the nation.