Culturally Responsive Curriculum

Diverse and Inclusive by Design

Our commitment to culturally responsive curriculum has been part of the fabric and philosophy of our curriculum design throughout our history. Inclusion is intentional; it is not an afterthought. We look for opportunities to share the experiences, perspectives, and contributions that reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

When students see themselves represented in their curriculum, they are more engaged in learning.  And when students are more engaged in learning, they can achieve more.

Our curriculum design principles incorporate:

  • Words, imagery, animations, and video that reflect a diversity of people, including cultures, genders, and ethnicities
  • Experiences, viewpoints, and perspectives that are inclusive of students’ backgrounds and experiences
  • Supports and scaffolds that make learning accessible and ensure all students can be successful

We represent and honor the diversity of the students who use our curriculum—their varied backgrounds and viewpoints—to shine a light on the inherent value and potential of every human being.

Screensots of our curriculum
Screenshots of our digital curriculum

Within our curriculum, students experience:

  • Lessons that include examples with real-life relevance for a diverse set of learners
  • Historical and literary content that represents a wide array of perspectives, cultures, and events
  • Concepts and skills applied in meaningful and relevant ways

We strive to create products that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and provide students with the foundation for life-long learning and growth.

Commitment to Quality

We take seriously the responsibility to create high-quality content that is accurate, respectful, and balanced. Throughout the content development process, our teams incorporate best practices to ensure we are building curriculum that is free from bias and culturally aware.

At any time, if issues or concerns arise, we have processes in place to investigate and effectively remediate. We are committed to providing high-quality products that are inclusive of diverse views, viewpoints, and experiences.

An Inclusive Workplace

We also believe that diversity, equity and inclusion is critical to our workplace and culture. Without that commitment, it would be impossible for our teams to achieve our mission of making a difference in education. To realize the promise of diversity, we must respect and value the full range of our differences.

These principles are at the core of our values and are a continual journey. We’re focused on ensuring that Apex Learning is a company where every person finds opportunity and acceptance and where we all fully contribute as our authentic selves.