Digital Curriculum

Effective Digital Curriculum

Schools and districts using Apex Learning digital curriculum consistently increase on-time graduation rates, lower dropout rates, and improve exam scores. Our proven digital curriculum, actionable data, and success management combine to support you in achieving your goals and ensuring your students are prepared for college, work, and life. 


Full course of study for original credit, credit recovery, virtual learning, alternative programs, summer school, CTE, AP®, and more.


Flexible, engaging curriculum for exam readiness, intervention, remediation, and initial instruction.

Virtual School+

Partner with us to offer full-time or part-time virtual learning.

Success Management+

Our Implementation Success Manager will partner with you to plan, implement, and ensure the ongoing success of your program.

Get Results When You Need Them


  Advanced Placement®

  Alternative Education

  College Readiness

  Concept/Unit Recovery

  Credit Recovery

  Dropout Prevention and Recovery

  English Language Learners

  Exam Readiness

  Gifted and Talented

   Independent Study

  Middle School

  Middle to High School Transition

  Remediation and RTI

  Special Education

  Struggling Readers

  Summer School

  Virtual School