Courses are credit-bearing digital curriculum for core and elective courses that are proven to support students and increase performance. Students in grades 6-12 can take Courses online for original credit or for credit recovery toward grade-level advancement or high school graduation. 

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Meet Diverse Needs

A one-size-fits-all approach to education fails to meet the diverse learning needs of each individual. Some students need extra help, some need flexibility, and some aren't successful in a traditional classroom environment. Courses provide a personalized learning experience that lets students learn in their own way and at their own pace.


For Struggling Students Falling Behind

At Apex Learning, we develop Courses so students build both their knowledge and their confidence. The result is an instructional design with the scaffolding and supports students need to get back on grade level and on the path to success.

For Students Eager to Get Ahead

For those students who want to pursue special interests, tackle AP classes, or learn foreign languages, Courses enable you to offer them more choices—despite teacher shortages or budget limitations.

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Rigorous, Yet Engaging

Our Courses are built to standards to meet strict high school graduation requirements with a rigorous curriculum. Engaging content keeps students interested and motivated to succeed. At the same time, Courses are designed to help students learn independently:

Scaffolding and Supports

Give students a bridge to grade-level instruction and help when they need it so they don’t get stuck.

Active Learning

Engages and motivates students to participate and learn by doing.

Personalized Learning

Presents content in a way that supports each student's learning style.

Take a Peek Inside Courses

Imagine you’re a high school student who needs to earn credits toward graduation. Reading isn’t your strongest skill and classroom instruction hasn’t worked for you. You’re going to try online Courses.

With Courses, you’ll actively participate in activities designed to help you learn the content, not just get through it. And you’ll have access to tools all along the way that help you understand the material.

Click each module below to see how Courses makes rigorous, standards-based instruction accessible to struggling students.

Take a Peak Inside Courses

Proven Pedagogy

High-impact, engaging media

The course begins with a video introduction to capture your attention.

Where is Earth's Water

Active learning builds connections

As you go through the course, you’ll dive into each lesson and explore topics in more depth. You’ll learn by doing, practice what you learn, and see how things work.

Proven Pedagogy

Self-checks with immediate feedback

Self-checks allow you to check your understanding and build your confidence as you master material. Don’t worry, they aren’t scored! Scored quizzes and tests help you and your teacher know what you need to work on.


Learn by reading, hearing, seeing, and doing

In each lesson, material is presented in a variety of ways. Even if you don’t fully understand the reading, there are photos, animation, audio, and video to help you understand the lesson and the concepts it covers.

Carrying Capacity

Instruction presented in manageable segments

Material is presented in small, digestible pieces so you don’t get overwhelmed. Each page has a clear objective. And step-by-step processes are broken down so they’re easy to follow.


Reading support: vocabulary

It’s easier to understand what you’re reading and build new vocabulary when definitions and examples are just a click away. Simply click on the word in the passage or graphic. Click on the audio button to have the content read aloud if you need additional help to understand the text.


Becoming a more effective learner

Support cards help you with reading comprehension, provide real-world examples of concepts, or offer reminders of material you’ve already learned. These can be especially helpful when reading is a challenge.

Accessible instruction

If some of the words are hard or you’re an English language learner, supports like printable transcripts, text-to-speech, and translation are there to help you with the words.

Interactive Tools

Visual simulations bring concepts to life

Complicated concepts are often presented as visuals or as interactive activities. This add an extra layer of practice to help you master material. And it beats watching hours of video lectures!

Interactive Tools

Experiment, observe, and learn

Sometimes the best way to really understand a process or system is to play with it and see what happens. In this example, you can see how the water in the fishbowl changes when you add plants and snails. Pretty cool for digital learning!

Courses In Action

Efficacy Study: Houston Independent School District, TX

Learn how one superintendent used Courses in a district-wide Grad Labs program to make good on his promise to lower dropout rates and graduate more students. The graduation rate improved by 8.6 percentage points!