Proven to Increase Achievement

Digital curriculum increases grad rates and test scores.

Houston Independent School District, Texas

Digital curriculum increased graduation rates and test scores.

Active Learning

Learn by Doing

Instead of passively watching, listening, and reading, students using our digital curriculum learn by doing. Students are actively engaged in learning and motivated to complete their coursework. 




Active Learning vs Passive Learning

Proven Pedagogy

Apex Learning digital curriculum is based on time-tested pedagogical principles:

  • Create an anticipatory set for the student
  • Provide focused instruction using teaching strategies such as guided-inquiry and direct instruction
  • Engage student in practice and application exercises to clarify and deepen conceptual understanding and mastery of skills
  • Assess student progress throughout the instruction with formative assessments that provide feedback to both student and teacher
  • Remediate where necessary
  • Provide summative assessment with both objective (computer-scored) and open-ended (teacher-scored) instruments at the end of each unit and semester

Support for Struggling Students

Scaffolding delivers instruction in manageable chunks that gradually build knowledge, while supports and interactive tools provide opt-in support at the time of need.



Proven to Increase Student Achievement


Dorchester School District Two, South Carolina

A two-year independent study shows our Comprehensive Courses are proven to increase student achievement on the South Carolina High School Assessment Program (HSAP).

Multiple Pathways For More Learning

Our Courses meet high school graduation requirements and address the needs of all students
through personalized pathways, from building foundational skills to opportunities for advanced coursework.




Integrated Assessment

Student knowledge and understanding is regularly assessed through a combination of teacher-scored and computer-scored formative and summative assessments.

Integrated Assessment