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Technological literacy is now as important for your students as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Technology Courses in coding, animation, and design teach students in grades 6-12 the technical skills that transform them from technology users to technology creators.

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Students as Creators

Prepare Students for a Changing World

Experts predict that today’s students will grow up to have jobs and use technologies that don’t even exist yet. Educators can help prepare them for the rapidly evolving workplace with Technology Courses. Students get hands-on experience with the same software and tools used by industry professionals as they code, build apps, create video games, or design fashion collections.

Students as Creators

Regardless of whether they pursue a career in technology or not, all students benefit from the creative, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills they learn with Technology Courses.

Access to Expert Support

Access to Expert Support

And when students need help, they have access to expert support by email, phone, and chat. Districts don’t have to worry about having (or hiring) a teacher with deep technical expertise.

Take a Peek Inside Technology Courses

Imagine you’re a student and you’ve always wanted to make cool animated movies. But your school never had those types of courses.

Now you can take a course in 3D Animation and create your own 3D movie from start to finish using the same software that professionals use. Anytime you need help, you can ask an expert! Just email, chat, or call.

Click on each module below to see an example  of what the student experience is like in the 3D Animation Technology Course.

How Technology Courses Work

Get the Ball Rolling

Sam, your expert guide, will be with you throughout the course, providing instruction and tips in a fun, informative way. Here he introduces Nobbie, who will be the star of your 3D movie.

Get the ball rolling

This is what Blender looks like. It’s a 3D animation software that industry professionals use. Don’t worry, it’s easy to install and set up. As you go through the course, Sam will walk you through each new skill, and you’ll also have step-by-step instructions for trying it yourself.

A star is born

At the beginning of each lesson Sam tells you exactly what you’ll be learning and introduces new concepts in a way that’s easy to understand. “Animation is all about moving objects in space through time,” Sam says, and he’ll show you just how to do that.

A star is born

After Sam shows you a 3D animation technique, you can try it out in Blender by following the Next Steps below each video.

Set the Scene

All movies have scenes, and this one is no exception. You’re ready to learn more advanced techniques to create the world where Nobbie can exist and interact with other objects.

Set the Scene

As you progress through the course, you can actually see your knowledge and skills growing! And you’re developing the kinds of creative, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills that will help you in any career.


Sam will walk you through the design standards of excellence so you can check your project and revise any work. Now you have an amazing project that demonstrates your technical and creative skill and shows that you have experience working with professional software and tools.


Nobbie ready for his close-up in Blender.
“Bringing a character to life is the coolest part about animation!”

Technology Courses in Action

Wautoma Area School District, WI

At Wautoma High School, students have the opportunity to learn in-demand skills with Technology Courses that wouldn’t otherwise be available in their small, rural district. With these Technology Courses, they’re able to explore career choices, prepare for college, and be ready for professional training.