Personalized Learning for All Students, from Struggling to Advanced

Keep Students on Track in Grades 6-12

Improve Course Pass Rates+

Improve Outcomes on High-Stakes Exams

Raise Exam Scores+

Graduate Students College & Career Ready

Demonstrate College and Work Readiness+

Personalized learning paths, just-in-time remediation, and actionable data ensure all students are successful the first time.


Darlington County School District, South Carolina

100% of eighth graders in an accelerated Algebra I course pass the end-of-course exam.

Focus student learning on each student's area of deficiency for success on high-stakes exams.

Empower students to achieve their personal best on critical ACT®, SAT®, GED®, ACCUPLACER®, and TSI Assessment exams.

20 Percentile Point Gain

Percentile Gain

Tutorials are developed for today’s standards, and personalize learning to improve student achievement.

Engage and Motivate

Learn It, Try It, Review It, Test It — our Tutorials provide a unique instructional approach to build knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and deepen understanding. 

Learn It+

Direct instruction engages students in active learning.



Learn It

Try It+

Practice and application develops skills and knowledge.


Try It


Review It+

High-impact videos summarize and reinforce concepts.


Review It


Test It+

Randomized assessments measure student learning.


Test It


State-Specific Tutorials

Tutorials specific to your state — with reporting against your state standards — ensure teachers have what they need to meet expectations.  

Examples of state-specific reporting
State Standards

Adaptive Remediation

Provide critical support for students who struggle with grade-level content due to learning gaps.

Focus instruction: Tutorials identify and remediate gaps in prerequisite skills

Own the experience: Students choose their path to mastery

Get results: When more learning happens, achievement increases

Individualized Learning

Proven to Increase Exam Scores

Dallas Independent School District, Texas

Students using our digital curriculum passed the ACP exam at rates significantly greater than students not using Apex Learning in the prior year.

High-Stakes Test Prep

Personalize learning to ensure students not only pass their courses but are successful on high-stakes exams.

Tutorial Test Prep

Middle School Success

Inspired by the very real challenges teachers face in their classrooms every day, our middle school Tutorials with adaptive remediation ensure every student meets grade-level expectations and has a solid foundation for success in high school and beyond.


After using Apex Learning middle school Tutorials, our students performed phenomenally on their end-of-course exams. They achieved a 100% passing rate, and 85% of students scored an 85 or higher.

Jaime Conner

8th Grade Math and Algebra Teacher

Darlington County School District, South Carolina



Beaverton School District, Oregon

District Targets High School Readiness with Digital Curriculum

College Readiness Tutorials

Help every student achieve a personal best on high-stakes exams.










Exam Prep+

Tutorials provide an efficient and effective way to prepare for high-stakes exams and demonstrate college readiness.

Personalized Learning+

Adaptive Tutorials provide a personalized learning path for each student.

Varied Assessment+

Tutorials provide opportunities to work with question types found on technology-enhanced items, including drag-and-drop, sorting, select text, drop down/close, matching, and more.

High School Equivalency Tutorials

Prepare every student for post-secondary success, no matter what path they take to get there.










More Learning. Better Outcomes.

Recent study found 20 percentile point increase pretest to posttest.


20 Percentile Point Gain

20 Percent Gain



*ACT® is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. SAT® and ACCUPLACER® are trademarks registered by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse Apex Learning Tutorials.

In the past, teachers struggled with offering differentiated remediation. With Tutorials our teachers can offer targeted remediation personalized for each student. Students work on their lessons at their own pace, focusing on the concepts they need additional support with.

Keshia Setiz

Technology Integration Specialist

Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation, Indiana