Tutorials offer personalized learning for every student and real-time insight into their progress and performance against your standards.

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Accelerate Learning

You have hundreds, maybe thousands, of students. How can you make a difference for each student to collectively build a brighter future? Tutorials close learning gaps and help students get back on grade level.

With Tutorials, students can:

  • Focus on what they need to learn, not what they already know
  • Raise exam scores
  • Get college and career ready

With Tutorials, educators can:

  • Match district scope, sequencing, and pacing requirements
  • Gauge student growth on grade-level and prerequisite skills with real-time data


Tutorials Solutions

Targeted Intervention

Prevent students from falling behind through reteach of grade-level concepts.

Test Readiness

Increase test scores through targeted instruction, practice, and review.

Post-Secondary Readiness

Increase student scores on college readiness exams.

Summer School

Close achievement gaps through summer learning opportunities.

Take a Peek Inside Tutorials

Imagine you’re in 9th grade and taking Algebra I. You’ve got the hang of it, but you’re still a little fuzzy on how to calculate slope. Fortunately, Tutorials can pinpoint where you need some extra help and get you up to speed.

The 4-part instructional design is what makes Tutorials so effective. As you move from Learn It to Try It, Review It, and Test It, you reinforce those fundamental skills that that you’ll need as you move to the next lesson.

Click on each module below to see what the student experience is like.

How Tutorials Work

Learn it

Focus on what you need to learn, not what you already know.

Start from the beginning or, if you already know some of the material, go to one of the specific areas in the Key Understandings box.

Learn it

Every page is designed for active learning.

You’re not passively clicking through. You’re answering questions, interacting with animations, and doing self-checks to make sure you understand what you’ve learned.

Learn it

Real-world examples help you connect with the materialyou’re far more likely to remember it.

When you’re learning a new concept, applying it to a realistic scenario helps you create that bridge from what you already know to new information.

Practice problems help you further cement what you’ve covered in Learn It.

If you’re stuck, you can see a hint before or after you submit your answers. Answer-specific feedback lets you and your teacher see exactly which concepts need extra review and practice.

Try it

See what you’ve learned come to life with real-world examples, like using slope to find a hike that’s not too flat and not too steep.

Review it

Test it

Test It is scored so you and your teacher can see how well you know the topic.

It’s all part of the ongoing feedback you receive in Tutorials. No guessing for your or your teacher.

Test it

Tutorials in Action

Efficacy Study: Pasco County Schools, FL

Not moving forward with their classmates can be devastating to students. Immediate intervention and remediation are critical for keeping students on track so they can progress with their peers. Middle school students at Pasco County Schools used Tutorials to make up failed courses, with 96% of students then promoted to high school on time.