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Apex Learning Courses and Tutorials address the challenge of meeting the diverse needs of students and making rigorous curriculum accessible to struggling students, including below proficient readers, ELL students, or students with learning gaps.

Tutorials for Middle and High School

Tutorials help districts raise promotion rates, exam scores, and course pass rates with standards-based instruction, practice, and review that quickly remediate learning gaps (down to the elementary level if needed) and builds grade-level proficiency. 

  • Middle School Tutorials ensure every student meets grade-level expectations and builds a solid foundation for success in high school.
  • High School Tutorials for English, Math, Biology, and U.S. History ensure all students are prepared to pass the course the first time, are ready for the next class, and perform well on high-stakes tests.
  • College Readiness and High School Equivalency Tutorials target the skills and concepts needed for success on national exams.

Math 6
Math 7
Math 8
Algebra I
Algebra II
Mathematics I
Mathematics II
Mathematics III
Math 6 Alaska
Math 7 Alaska
Math 8 Alaska
Algebra I Alaska
Geometry Alaska
Algebra II Alaska
Mathematics 6 Arkansas
Mathematics 7 Arkansas
Mathematics 8 Arkansas
Algebra I Arkansas
Geometry Arkansas
Algebra II Arkansas
Math 6 California
Math 7 California
Math 8 California
Algebra I California
Geometry California
Algebra II California
Mathematics I California
Mathematics II California
Mathematics III California
M/J Grade 6 Mathematics Florida
M/J Grade 7 Mathematics Florida
M/J Grade 8 Mathematics Florida
Algebra I Florida
Geometry Florida
Algebra II Florida
Math 6 Georgia
Math 7 Georgia
Math 8 Georgia
Algebra I Georgia
Geometry Georgia
Algebra II Georgia
Coordinate Algebra Georgia
Advanced Algebra Georgia
Analytic Geometry Georgia
Math 6 Illinois
Math 7 Illinois
Math 8 Illinois
Algebra I Illinois
Geometry Illinois
Algebra II Illinois
Integrated Math I Illinois
Integrated Math II Illinois
Integrated Math III Illinois
Mathematics 6 Indiana
Mathematics 7 Indiana
Mathematics 8 Indiana
Algebra I Indiana
Geometry Indiana
Algebra II Indiana
Sixth Grade Mathematics Kentucky
Seventh Grade Mathematics Kentucky
Eighth Grade Mathematics Kentucky
Algebra 1 Kentucky
Geometry Kentucky
Algebra 2 Kentucky
Integrated Mathematics 1 Kentucky
Integrated Mathematics 2 Kentucky
Integrated Mathematics 3 Kentucky
Mathematics 6 Maryland
Mathematics 7 Maryland
Mathematics 8 Maryland
Algebra I Maryland
Geometry Maryland
Algebra II Maryland
Math 6 Massachusetts
Math 7 Massachusetts
Math 8 Massachusetts
Mathematics I Massachusetts
Mathematics II Massachusetts
Mathematics III Massachusetts
Algebra I Massachusetts
Geometry Massachusetts
Algebra II Massachusetts
Mathematics 6 Michigan
Mathematics 7 Michigan
Mathematics 8 Michigan
Algebra I Michigan
Algebra II Michigan
Geometry Michigan
Mathematics 6 Nevada
Mathematics 7 Nevada
Mathematics 8 Nevada
Integrated Math I Nevada
Integrated Math II Nevada
Integrated Math III Nevada
Algebra I Nevada
Geometry Nevada
Algebra II Nevada
Mathematics 6 New Jersey
Mathematics 7 New Jersey
Mathematics 8 New Jersey
Algebra I New Jersey
Algebra II New Jersey
Geometry New Jersey
Mathematics 6 New York
Mathematics 7 New York
Mathematics 8 New York
Algebra I New York
Geometry New York
Algebra II New York
Math 6 North Carolina
Math 7 North Carolina
Math 8 North Carolina
Math 1 North Carolina
Math 2 North Carolina
Math 3 North Carolina
Mathematics 6 Ohio
Mathematics 7 Ohio
Mathematics 8 Ohio
Algebra I Ohio
Geometry Ohio
Algebra II Ohio
Mathematics I Ohio
Mathematics II Ohio
Mathematics III Ohio
Math 6 Pennsylvania
Math 7 Pennsylvania
Math 8 Pennsylvania
Algebra I Pennsylvania
Geometry Pennsylvania
Algebra II Pennsylvania
Math 6 South Carolina
Math 7 South Carolina
Math 8 South Carolina
Algebra 1 South Carolina
Geometry South Carolina
Algebra 2 South Carolina
Foundations in Algebra South Carolina
Intermediate Algebra South Carolina
Math 6 Texas
Math 7 Texas
Math 8 Texas
Algebra I Texas
Geometry Texas
Algebra II Texas
Math 6 Virginia
Math 7 Virginia
Math 8 Virginia
Algebra I Virginia
Geometry Virginia
Algebra II Virginia
Math 6 Washington
Math 7 Washington
Math 8 Washington
Algebra I Washington
Geometry Washington
Algebra II Washington
Integrated Mathematics 1 Washington
Integrated Mathematics 2 Washington
Integrated Mathematics 3 Washington
Keystone Algebra I
Math 6 Tennessee
Math 7 Tennessee
Math 8 Tennessee
Algebra I Tennessee
Algebra II Tennessee
Geometry Tennessee
Integrated Math I Tennessee
Integrated Math II Tennessee
Integrated Math III Tennessee
Regents Algebra I
Regents Geometry
Regents Algebra II
Mathematics 6 STAAR
Mathematics 7 STAAR
Mathematics 8 STAAR
Algebra I STAAR
Algebra I SOL
Geometry SOL
English 6
English 7
English 8
English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12
English 6 Alaska
English 7 Alaska
English 8 Alaska
English 9 Alaska
English 10 Alaska
English 11 Alaska
English 12 Alaska
Language Arts Grade 6 Arkansas
Language Arts Grade 7 Arkansas
Language Arts Grade 8 Arkansas
English 9 Arkansas
English 10 Arkansas
English 11 Arkansas
English 12 Arkansas
English 6 California
English 7 California
English 8 California
English 9 California
English 10 California
English 11 California
English 12 California
M/J Language Arts 1 Florida
M/J Language Arts 2 Florida
M/J Language Arts 3 Florida
English 1 Florida
English 2 Florida
English 3 Florida
English 4 Florida
English Language Arts 6 Georgia
English Language Arts 7 Georgia
English Language Arts 8 Georgia
9th Grade Literature and Composition Georgia
10th Grade Literature and Composition Georgia
American Literature and Composition Georgia
Language Arts 6 Illinois
Language Arts 7 Illinois
Language Arts 8 Illinois
English I Illinois
English II Illinois
English III Illinois
English IV Illinois
Language Arts 6 Indiana
Language Arts 7 Indiana
Language Arts 8 Indiana
English 9 Indiana
English 10 Indiana
English 11 Indiana
English 12 Indiana
English 6 Kentucky
English 7 Kentucky
English 8 Kentucky
English 1 Kentucky
English 2 Kentucky
English 3 Kentucky
English 4 Kentucky
Grade 6 Language Arts Maryland
Grade 7 Language Arts Maryland
Grade 8 Language Arts Maryland
English Language Arts I Maryland
English Language Arts II Maryland
English Language Arts III Maryland
English Language Arts IV Maryland
Language Arts Grade 6 Massachusetts
Language Arts Grade 7 Massachusetts
Language Arts Grade 8 Massachusetts
English Language Arts I Massachusetts
English Language Arts II Massachusetts
English Language Arts III Massachusetts
English Language Arts IV Masschusetts
English Language Arts 6 Michigan
English Language Arts 7 Michigan
English Language Arts 8 Michigan
English Language Arts 9 Michigan
English Language Arts 10 Michigan
English Language Arts 11 Michigan
English Language Arts 12 Michigan
English Language Arts 6 Nevada
English Language Arts 7 Nevada
English Language Arts 8 Nevada
English 9 Nevada
English 10 Nevada
English 11 Nevada
English 12 Nevada
English Language Arts 6 New Jersey
English Language Arts 7 New Jersey
English Language Arts 8 New Jersey
English Language Arts 9 New Jersey
English Language Arts 10 New Jersey
English Language Arts 11 New Jersey
English Language Arts 12 New Jersey
English Language Arts 6 New York
English Language Arts 7 New York
English Language Arts 8 New York
English Language Arts 9 New York
English Language Arts 10 New York
English Language Arts 11 New York
English Language Arts 12 New York
English 6 North Carolina
English 7 North Carolina
English 8 North Carolina
English I North Carolina
English II North Carolina
English III North Carolina
English IV North Carolina
Integrated English Language Arts 6 Ohio
Integrated English Language Arts 7 Ohio
Integrated English Language Arts 8 Ohio
Integrated English Language Arts I Ohio
Integrated English Language Arts II Ohio
Integrated English Language Arts III Ohio
Integrated English Language Arts IV Ohio
English 6 Pennsylvania
English 7 Pennsylvania
English 8 Pennsylvania
English 9 Pennsylvania
English 10 Pennsylvania
English 11 Pennsylvania
English 12 Pennsylvania
ELA 6 South Carolina
ELA 7 South Carolina
ELA 8 South Carolina
English 1 South Carolina
English 2 South Carolina
English 3 South Carolina
English 4 South Carolina
English Language Arts and Reading 6 Texas
English Language Arts and Reading 7 Texas
English Language Arts and Reading 8 Texas
English I Texas
English II Texas
English III Texas
English 6 Virginia
English 7 Virginia
English 8 Virginia
English 9 Virginia
English 10 Virginia
English 11 Virginia
English 12 Virginia
Language Arts 6 Washington
Language Arts 7 Washington
Language Arts 8 Washington
Language Arts 9 Washington
Language Arts 10 Washington
Language Arts 11 Washington
Language Arts 12 Washington
Keystone Literature
English Language Arts 6 Tennessee
English Language Arts 7 Tennessee
English Language Arts 8 Tennessee
English I Tennessee
English II Tennessee
English III Tennessee
English IV Tennessee
Regents English Language Arts
Reading 6 STAAR
Reading 7 STAAR
Reading 8 STAAR
Writing 7 STAAR
Reading SOL End-of-Course
Writing SOL End-of-Course
English I STAAR
English II STAAR
High School Equivalency