ESSA Level: moderate

A Study of the Impact of Apex Learning Tutorials on Middle School Student Achievement

December 05, 2018
Pasco County Schools, FL
Middle school students using Tutorials for course recovery achieved significantly greater average scores on the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) than comparable students not using Tutorials.


This study examined the impact of using Apex Learning middle school ELA and mathematics Tutorials on student outcomes on the Florida Standards assessment, grade level promotion, and on-time high school entry. Not only was there significant greater achievement on the FSA, results indicate that Apex Learning Tutorials made a positive impact on Pasco County Schools students’ achievement in additional ways:

  • Students who recovered middle school course credits with Tutorials avoided retention and were promoted at a similar rate as students not participating in course recovery
  • 96% of the struggling students recovering courses with Tutorials were promoted to high school on time.

Graph-Adjusted Average FSA ELA Scale Score by Tutorials Use