Efficacy Study

A Study of the Impact of Apex Learning Tutorials on Student Achievement

School Year 2015–2016

Tutorials improved student performance on Tutorials measures of posttest achievement.

Students using Tutorials achieved a 19 percentile point gain on average from pretest to posttest following use of the Learn It, Review It, and Try it instructional activities contained in each module. Achievement gains ranged from 15 to 21 percentile points by subject. Figure 1 shows the average Tutorials pretest and posttest percentile scores for modules combined and by subject. Figure 2 shows the average Tutorials gain in 2015–2016 and 2014–2015.

2015-16 Average Tutorials Score by Subject and Combined

Average Tutorials Gains by Subject and School Year

Table 2 located in the appendix shows the descriptive statistics for modules having a pretest, Test It, and posttest score. Table 3 shows the paired t-test statistics and average difference between pretest and posttest scores.

Additional tables located in the appendix show the average difference between pretest to posttest percent correct score and paired t-test statistics for modules combined by state (Table 4) and National Center for Educational Statistics Urban Locale descriptor (Table 5).

Tutorials improved student performance on state and local standardized end-of-course exams.

Students using Tutorials achieved higher average scores on standardized end-of-course achievement tests than a comparison group of students not using Tutorials. Table 6 in the appendix shows the results of a meta-analysis conducted on the results of two efficacy studies comparing the standardized end-of-course exam achievement of Tutorials users and non-users. Across studies, the average effect of Tutorials (ES=.08) was 2.5 times greater than the average effect of interventions designed to impact high school students’ performance on similar achievement tests (ES=.03) (Figure 3) (Lipsey, et al., 2012).

Impact of Tutorials

By implementation model, students using Tutorials for test preparation in one Dallas high school gained on average the equivalent of 9 percentile points on the spring end-of-course exam after using Tutorials compared to the fall semester exam completed without using Tutorials (Figure 4) (Impact Study: One Dallas High School, 2016).

Average Dallas ISD Assessment of Course Progress

Struggling students using Tutorials for just-in-time support and remediation in St. Mary’s County Public Schools performed as well as non-struggling students on the PARCC ELA 10 end-of-course exam (Figure 5) (Impact Study: St. Mary’s County Public Schools, 2016). Figure 5 shows struggling students using Tutorials for just-in-time support and remediation in St. Mary’s County Public Schools achieved similar scores on the PARCC ELA 10 end-of-course exam as non-struggling students enrolled in the same classes.

Average PARCC ELA 10