Equity of Opportunity

All Students Deserve the Chance to Succeed

"Equity is achieved when all students receive the resources they need so they graduate prepared for success after high school."

—Center for Public Education

Digital curriculum can help districts close the achievement gap by:

Districts are increasingly tasked with providing more opportunity for historically underserved student populations.

Whether your district is just starting to address equity or is further developing an existing equity program, digital curriculum can provide underserved students with access to grade-level content in a way that builds their confidence and skills.

Apex Learning digital curriculum was designed with scaffolded instruction and individualized support that can help districts close the achievement gap by:

  • Meeting the specific needs of underserved populations and struggling students
  • Expanding educational offerings and alternative learning options
  • Providing individualized support
  • Freeing teachers to focus on teaching and supporting students
  • Targeting gaps in learning with scaffolding and supports


Success Stories

Loving Municipal School District, NM

Small District Takes Strategic Approach to Personalized Learning

Loving Municipal School District uses Apex Learning to ensure that struggling students have access to a high-quality education, as well as to address a regional teacher shortage.


Baltimore County Public Schools, MD

Raising the bar in education with a commitment to support equal opportunities for all students

Within Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS), students speak 85 languages, hail from 108 countries, and have diverse socio-economic backgrounds. BCPS uses digital curriculum to level the educational playing field, provide equity of opportunity to all students, and close achievement gaps.


North Little Rock School District, AR

Switch to Apex Learning More than Doubles Graduating Class

North Little Rock Academy chose Apex Learning in order to provide a personalized learning environment and meet the needs of their at-risk students.




Lisa Williams, Executive Director, Office of Equity and Cultural Proficiency, Baltimore County Public Schools, MD