Maximize Your Investment in Digital Learning

With a new school year comes new opportunity to take advantage of your recent investments in technology—whether it’s 1:1 devices, ed tech infrastructure, or new platforms.

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Simplify Your Ed Tech Ecosystem

Streamlining your ed tech ecosystem is more than just simplifying the technology—it provides teachers with coordinated resources that focus on customizing learning to help each student reach their potential. And it helps teachers, students, and families stay informed and connected.

Three Ways to Streamline Your Digital Ecosystem

  1. Start with a Vision—Determine what your district is aiming to achieve through interoperability.
  2. Adopt a Standards-Based Approach—An interoperable ecosystem needs to meet the specific needs of educators and their students.
  3. Remember, It’s Not Just About Technology—It’s essential to work with digital curriculum partners who clearly understand both your technical and educational goals.

Systems Integration with Apex

In this short video, learn how Apex offers integrations that simplify the management and monitoring of our digital learning solutions in school and district ecosystems.

Educators Insights

Give Students More Opportunities by Using Technology in a New Way

Omar Sotelo, Program Manager and Lead Site-Coordinator at Tucson Unified School District

Ensure Digital Curriculum Provides Flexible Learning Options

As schools and districts respond to the ever-changing education environment, it’s critical to have digital curriculum that provides a consistent, high-quality experience for students and teachers alike, whether instruction is in-class, hybrid, or virtual.

9 Things to Look for When Choosing Digital Curriculum

When selecting digital curriculum, look for products that are flexible, reliable, rigorous, and support the needs of all students.

Every Student Can Thrive with Flexible Learning

In this short video, learn how Apex enables schools and districts to provide a high-quality educational experience, whether instruction is in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

Educators Insights

Returning to the Classroom: Where Does Digital Curriculum Fit?

Betsy Corcoran, Co-Founder of EdSurge Kimberly Smith of Digital Promise Jean Sharp, Chief Academic Officer of Apex Learning

Serve More Students with Virtual Learning

Virtual learning programs provide an option for students and families who may not want to return to in-person learning. You can expand course offerings, address teacher shortages, and keep students in the district by providing virtual learning programs.

Virtual Learning—New Reality, New Opportunities: 6 Best Practices to Better Support Teachers and Students Through Digital Curriculum

In this special report, review steps you can take to continually evaluate and strengthen your virtual learning plan.

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Using Apex Learning Virtual School to Expand Options

In this short video, learn how Apex Learning Virtual School can provide more options for more students.

Educators Insights

Lessons Learned from Upscaling a Virtual School

Dr. Stacey Adamiak, Implementation Expert and Educator


A Virtual Success Story

Tim Buckingham, Virtual School Mentor at Big Rapids Public Schools, MI

Give Teachers the Right Tools and Support

Teachers have gone above and beyond to keep students motivated and learning throughout all of the changes in the educational environment. With the right tools and support, meet each student’s acceleration needs and spend more personalized time with students.

In this podcast, Kari Feldhaus, who has been an online instructor for more than 15 years, shares the nuts and bolts of an online learning program and how she keeps students engaged while they are learning remotely.

Educators Insights

Putting PD into Practice through Virtual Learning

Stepan Mekhitarian, the Interim Director for Innovation, Instruction, Assessment, and Accountability at Glendale Unified School District, CA

Planning for the Future

Digital learning is here to stay. Districts have the opportunity to take what they’ve learned to enhance teaching and learning in new ways. Here are some ideas to consider as you’re planning your next step.

The Future Is Now for Digital Learning

Read about key takeaways from conversations we’ve had with educators, including best practices, insightful projections for the future, and what they’ll continue doing after the pandemic wanes.

6 Ways Districts Can Engage Families in Online Learning

Tips, tools, and best practices to keep families involved and help students stay motivated to learn.

Educators Insights

Beyond the Pandemic: Providing Digital Curriculum to All Students

Kerrie Torres of Brea Olinda Unified School District, CA Camilla Liferidge-Pinckney and Kelly Purvis of Dorchester School District Two, SC