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Todd Mahler


Todd Mahler

Todd brings an extensive background in K-12 product development to his role as Chief Product Officer and is responsible for driving Apex Learning’s product strategy to maximize client success with their implementations of our digital curriculum.

For over 20 years Todd has led the development of educational technology products for the nation’s leading publishers and is proud to have touched the lives of millions of students. Since teaching himself to code at age 7, Todd has been inspired by technology’s ability to educate, connect, and transform lives. A scientist at heart Todd holds a degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics from Villanova University—he recognizes the value of research and its critical role in designing effective programs.

After earning his Master’s degree in Education from Harvard University, Todd joined Six Red Marbles and helped grow it to become the largest U.S. based developer of digital curriculum. With Redbird Advanced Learning, Todd drove the development of innovative adaptive math and language arts programs building upon foundational work by Stanford University. Most recently, Todd led platform development for McGraw Hill Education, aligning the digital strategy with the needs of today’s schools and districts.