Joe Lopez, Superintendent Kermit ISD, Texas

My name is Joe Gomez and I serve as superintendent of schools at Kermit ISD in Kermit, Texas. One of things about that I was most impressed with Apex is their customer service.

Their hands-on training, the individuals that kind of walk you through it. I think that's important. And it's part of the partnership that school districts look for when they're looking at a particular product. But for us, Apex has been that hands-on person. I know that our staff has been able to call them at any time 24/7. And that's important. As your teachers acclimate to a new product, they want to know that they're not alone on the journey, that there's assistance, that someone's a phone call away. And I feel that that's the greatest gift that Apex offers to its clients or partners in education. They're with you on the journey. And they're quick to fix things. There's something that comes up—they'll find a solution.

We currently have staff members that are serving in different roles. And so a product like Apex lends itself to that, especially at the secondary level. We feel that it's going to be a key tool in helping with the teacher shortage that we have and filling in the gaps.

But one of things that I can see us rolling out immediately is TSI, ACT, SAT preparation. I believe that's huge for most districts under the CCMR. We're excited about that opportunity and then really using it with our students that also need that help with the STAAR EOC. We know that there are students are struggling with English I and English II and so the star EOC prep work that Apex provides, I think will be very, very beneficial.