Dr. Dora Sauceda, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Brownsville ISD, TX

My name is Dr. Dora Sauceda and I'm the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction with the Brownsville Independent School District.

We are about, I would say, almost 100 percent Hispanic, mostly at-risk students, low socioeconomic. We have a lot of our LEP population that because we are a border town. We do very well. We're an A district in accordance to the accountability from Texas.

We chose Apex Learning because we have utilized it in the past and we had great results, especially with our middle schools, which is the area that we are focusing on. So Apex has been assisting us with the TSI Preparation, SAT, ACT. We have trainers that are pretty close by. That really helps in case we ever need something or we need training for our specific campuses.

The impact has been positive results. There has been an increase in the number of students that have passed the TSI. It has assisted the students in getting ready for the dual courses, not to mention the STAAR preparation and the EOC preparation. The students like it and they are engaged in it, and it's a program that's student friendly. You never want to pick something that's boring for the students.