John White, Principal, Lumberton HS Lumberton ISD, TX

We're a small-town community. We have strong values and beliefs and just understanding that the community plays a huge role in what we're trying to accomplish at the schools.  One way that I've been able to kind of contribute is through Apex. The reason why I chose Apex learning is because I had experience using it in Houston. It was just a nice fit and just seeing where they were at with the program and knowing what I could bring, just was an exciting opportunity for me.

In addition to just the program itself being really user friendly, it's easy to train our teachers. They get excited. Our teachers spend a lot of time trying to find curriculum and resources online and Apex really just kind of eliminates all that and just helps our teachers focus on kind of why they're there to begin withto teach.

The systems and structures built within Apex really help students understand goal setting and achieving those goals. It allows us to set high but realistic goals. And when students understand that they're meeting high expectations, they get competitive. They want more of that. And when our teachers are excited, when administration is excited, of course, when students are excited, good things happen. We just got done recently using it for the December retest. I want to say, I just love the results that came in, so we're pleased with what we're doing and we're excited to continue to use it.