Luther Taliaferro, Superintendent, Texas Juvenile Justice Department

I told the then superintendent, let's look at Apex, I use that in Summerfield--it was good, and it was actually pretty simple to use for our kids and it was robust, and the rigor was good.

I guess six and a half years later, we're still using it for credit recovery, we use it for the original credit in some cases. At one of our facilities, it's our entire curriculum.

You know, our kids, they don't feel like they have anybody on their side. We understand where the kids come from. You can't teach someone unless you have a relationship with them. And the majority of our teachers have several years experience. They already have that tool of developing relationships with students.

We want to give them the experience of graduating. We work to get them credits toward their diploma. If they're going to get a diploma, they have to pass the same test that they do at Stephen F Austin High School. The rigor has to be the same. Hopefully when they leave, they have a tool that they can go out and get a job and support their self and become a producing member of society. That's my goal.

In some cases, it's their first success. In some cases it's the first success of their family. Education creates opportunity for people.