[00:00:02] Now more than ever, your students need access to quality digital curriculum that's available wherever they are and pulls them into the learning experience.

[00:00:12] Effective online learning isn't simply replicating the classroom. It has to flex to support the learner with digital tools that effectively give students many ways to learn and succeed. With Apex Courses, students will be engaged with each lesson in a variety of ways, including text, audio, simulations, and graphics, helping them master concepts, gain deeper understanding, and increase retention.

[00:00:39] The standards-based instruction is purposely delivered in small, manageable chunks of information, so your students aren't overwhelmed and can easily digest the concepts being taught. In each lesson, students have multiple opportunities to practice what they've learned and check their understanding.

[00:00:57] Practice problems provide specific feedback so your students will always know why they got something wrong or get confirmation that they're on track. They'll also develop critical study skills as they are carefully guided through the lessons by study guides that assist them in taking good notes and helping them identify the most important takeaways from the lesson.

[00:01:17] Anticipating where students may struggle, Courses were developed with support tools built into each lesson when and where they might be needed. Language and literacy tools can be found on every page, including reading support cards, graphic organizers, transcripts, text-to-speech and multiple language translation. And throughout the course, students are working on writing skills, participating in discussions and working on projects to develop critical thinking and problem solving that will last long after.

[00:01:49] With more than 20 years of experience developing online curriculum and thousands of success stories, Apex Learning knows what it takes to help students not only pass the class, but achieve success on the high-stakes tests and classes that follow.

[00:02:04] Apex Learning's accredited courses have a proven track record of success, engage students with active learning, and give you the flexibility and quality you expect from a trusted digital curriculum partner.

[00:02:17] Contact Apex Learning today to see how together we can create more opportunities for more students to succeed.