Wautoma High School, WI - Technology Courses

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Jennifer Johnson - Principal, Wautoma High School: [00:00:09] It's extremely important for us to have this type of technology and the fact that our students go out and go into the world and in the nation and internationally, and have to know how to use all different types of technology. And so therefore, we want to get them the opportunity to learn everything you might experience out there in the world and learn how to use those those tools to improve themselves and help and benefit others.

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Jennifer Johnson - Principal, Wautoma High School: [00:00:39] A lot of people look at Apex together as a team and from our school. And I think the thing that sold us on it, is: its recent, kids get engaged with the theory, they can relate to it. They make connections to the videos, the curriculum that's within it. So that was our biggest sell, is that a lot of times things can get dry when they get to be online. And therefore we like the fact that Apex stays fresh, stays new and updates their information to be as current as possible.

Chandra McCarthy-Cardoso - School Counselor: [00:01:07] It's really important that rural schools have access to something like this. It is hard to stay competitive with the larger schools that could have a bunch of diverse programs and opportunities like that because you can't just hire a full-time teacher, even it's hard to find a part-time teacher that's willing to to do something like that.

Marcel - 12th Grade Student: [00:01:24] I'm taking the Apex course for game design and I'm building my own video game.

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Marcel - 12th Grade Student: You're allowed to use your own imagination and create what you want to create.

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Dylan - 12th Grade Student: [00:01:38] I do the 3D character animation. A lot of businesses and organizations are moving towards open source and Blender is an open source program.

Chandra McCarthy-Cardoso - School Counselor: [00:01:49] It's amazing just watching them, seeing them in their element, doing the things that they love to do and just communicate with each other and have that collaboration with their peers.

Zach - 12th Grade Student: [00:01:57] So when I graduate, it will give me an understanding on how game design works and how I could potentially use it to make a college decision.

Marcel - 12th Grade Student: [00:02:05] There are no other classes like this in our school, so this is a great opportunity for me.

Chandra McCarthy-Cardoso - School Counselor: [00:02:11] This just gives an extra level of their independence and use their own knowledge to try to first problem solve and figure things out on their own. There's different resources: what kind of tools can I use to help me get from there to here. But ultimately, they're learning from each other.

Daniel - 12th Grade Student: [00:02:27] With Apex technology I'm learning how to, like, texturize. I can make games, I guess, more appealing to people. Technology is very important, so you can learn more things than just reading from a book.

Chandra McCarthy-Cardoso - School Counselor: [00:02:38] And what's also really nice is that independent learners so that kids can pick the class that best fits their needs versus everybody kind of having to do the same thing, so it becomes much more individualized.

Dylan - 12th Grade Student: [00:02:51] What I like most about the course is that it's extremely simple and easy to follow is well laid out.

Jennifer Johnson - Principal, Wautoma High School: [00:02:58] It's right in line with what they were looking for. Those kids wanted something. They took them to the next level in online technology and the courses they were looking for for a career. And it's exactly what they wanted. So I've heard that feedback from them. And I'm really excited that they're excited.